Case Study: Expanding Fantasy Guru’s Marketing Efforts to Taboola & StackAdapt for NFL Season

Boosting Fantasy Guru’s NFL Season with Taboola & StackAdapt

Fantasy Guru, a prominent website in the realm of Fantasy Sports, provides valuable paid subscriptions offering daily and seasonal advice across a spectrum of popular sports. Based in the US, Fantasy Guru sought to elevate their marketing efforts for the upcoming NFL Season. Collaborating with Firon Marketing, the goal was to expand their marketing reach beyond Facebook and Google, while optimizing their campaigns to ensure effective scaling.

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While Fantasy Guru had found success on platforms like Facebook and Google, they aimed to diversify their marketing endeavors. This led them to explore other Display advertising platforms like StackAdapt and Taboola. Launching campaigns on both platforms on July 16, they encountered distinct challenges. StackAdapt exhibited impressive conversion and revenue figures that seemed too good to be true, possibly due to attribution discrepancies. Meanwhile, Taboola struggled to generate conversions despite reasonable spending.


To tackle the challenges on both platforms, Firon Marketing devised a strategic plan that addressed the specific issues faced by Fantasy Guru:

Attribution Accuracy on StackAdapt: Firon recognized the need to double-check the attribution and revise the attribution model on StackAdapt.This aimed to eliminate duplicated conversion data, resulting in more precise campaign performance metrics. Accurate data would enable more informed campaign optimization.

Taboola Landing Page Strategy: For Taboola, the strategy was revised based on the platform’s recommendation. Instead of using blog content as landing pages, the approach shifted to direct users to the product page. This streamlined the user journey, reducing barriers to purchase and potentially boosting conversions.

Website Retargeting Campaign on Taboola: Firon introduced a website retargeting campaign on Taboola. This targeted “low hanging fruit” audiences—users who had previously interacted with Fantasy Guru’s website but hadn’t converted. This approach aimed to re-engage potential customers and enhance conversion likelihood.


The implementation of Firon Marketing’s strategic plan led to significant improvements in campaign performance for Fantasy Guru:

StackAdapt: After the attribution adjustments were made, the campaign’s performance metrics showed a healthy Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 2.15x and soared in revenue, comprising 9% of the overall paid ad revenue across all channels. This success bolstered Fantasy Guru’s confidence, leading them to consider retaining the platform even on their off-peak periods.

Taboola: The changes made to Taboola’s strategy produced remarkable outcomes. From its launch until the end of the season on September 6, Taboola produced a total of 480 conversions coming from zero in the first two weeks of its run. It translated to an impressive ROAS of 3.34x.

The combined efforts of the two new channels produced a 2.51x ROAS beating last year’s ROAS of 2.34x from their previous programmatic advertising provider called Audigent.

Firon Marketing’s strategic approach proved to be highly effective in optimizing Fantasy Guru’s marketing efforts for the upcoming NFL Season. By addressing attribution accuracy, refining landing page strategies, and implementing targeted retargeting, Firon achieved outstanding results. These outcomes showcased the agency’s ability to adapt and fine-tune campaigns across diverse platforms, resulting in increased conversions, revenue, and ultimately a higher return on investment for Fantasy Guru.

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