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Enhancing CareCard's Email Marketing with Firon

CareCard sought to bolster their email marketing, improve brand familiarity, and drive meaningful user interactions. With Firon Marketing's guidance, they transitioned to a new, more dynamic ESP, optimized content, and employed robust testing strategies. The results were evident within 90 days, marking a substantial rise in open rates and consistently high click rates, reaffirming the power of targeted email strategies.

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CareCard is a company that provides free prescription discount cards to help people save money on their medications. They wanted to improve their email marketing results in order to better retain and keep their audience engaged. Seeking a more effective solution in their email marketing, CareCard switched to a new Email Service Provider (ESP) that offers dynamic and customizable features, providing deeper insights and advanced capabilities for personalization.


Firon Marketing manages the front-end aspects of the new Email Service Provider (ESP) setup, ensuring a smooth transition. Establishing transactional and automation workflows, building emails that are optimized for all devices and compatible with dark mode.

  1. Optimized content by making sure that their emails were clear, concise, and visually appealing.
  2. Utilized live text and image build to make their emails for accessibility and readability.
  3. Optimized emails for mobile and dark mode viewing.
  4. Ran A/B tests on their subject lines to see what performed best.
  5. Tracked results and made adjustments to their campaigns as needed.


After switching to the new ESP, CareCard’s email marketing results improved significantly over a 90 day period. Their open rate increased by 32%, and their click rate remained above the average industry standard.


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