Case Study: Gearing up Facebook Campaigns for NFL Season for Fantasy Guru

Fantasy Guru & Firon: Boosting NFL Season Facebook Campaigns

Fantasy Guru, a premier Fantasy Sports advice website offering subscriptions for daily and seasonal advice across various popular sports, partnered with Firon Marketing to enhance their Facebook marketing efforts. The primary goal was to scale revenue and new customer volume as much as possible while maintaining a profitable ROAS during Fantasy Guru’s busiest time of the year, the start of fantasy football season. Given FG’s fantastic LTV, Firon aimed to push a 1x ROAS at scale during this flight.

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While Fantasy Guru’s initial ROAS was decent, there was a clear need to elevate their marketing performance to leverage the high-demand NFL season. Firon Marketing identified the opportunity to enhance their audience targeting strategies, retargeting efforts, ad content, and landing page experience to create a cohesive and optimized marketing campaign.


Firon Marketing implemented a multifaceted strategy to revamp Fantasy Guru’s Facebook marketing campaign:

Audience Targeting Optimization: Firon Marketing conducted an A/B test between two different audience segments to identify which group responded better to the ads. The goal was to eliminate the less performing audience and allocate resources to the one that showed higher engagement and conversions. This data-driven approach ensured that the marketing budget was allocated effectively.

Retargeting Campaign Implementation: A retargeting campaign was launched, focusing on users who had visited the Fantasy Guru website in the past 180 days but hadn’t converted yet. Recognizing that these users were already familiar with the brand, this strategy aimed to capture users who were more likely to convert given their existing awareness and interest.

Relevant Ads and Landing Page: Firon Marketing created highly relevant ads using up-to-date NFL images and compelling copy. Ad best practices were applied to ensure maximum engagement. Simultaneously, they optimized the landing page, ensuring it was relevant to the ads and had a low barrier to entry, facilitating ease of conversion.


The implemented strategy yielded remarkable results, showcasing the effectiveness of the revamped marketing approach:

Comparing the period of July 1 to August 31 to the same time last year:

Purchase Volume Increase: The volume of purchases surged by an impressive 356%, soaring from 174 to 794 purchases during the designated period.

Revenue Growth: Revenue experienced a substantial boost of 643%, a four fold increase from last year’s sales.

Target ROAS exceeded: The Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) recorded was 1.22x officially meeting and exceeding the target of 1x for this season.

The strategic shifts in audience targeting, retargeting efforts, and ad content demonstrated the potency of data-driven and well-executed marketing campaigns. Firon Marketing’s collaboration with Fantasy Guru resulted in a significantly enhanced marketing performance, effectively capitalizing on the approaching NFL season. The substantial increase in purchase volume, revenue, and ROAS attested to the efficacy of the campaign’s meticulous planning and execution. This case study underscores the value of strategic partnerships between brands and marketing agencies in achieving remarkable business outcomes.

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