Case Study: Turbocharging Fantasy Guru's ROAS with Google Ads During Crunch Time

Fantasy Guru & Firon: Mastering Google Ads in Peak Season

Facing visibility challenges during fantasy football season, Fantasy Guru partnered with Firon Marketing to harness the power of Google Ads. Despite policy restrictions on gambling-related content, Firon used Performance-Max campaigns, updated keywords, and engaging creatives. The result? A consistent 1.8x ROAS even in the busiest times, positioning Google Ads as Fantasy Guru's top revenue-generating channel. This collaboration highlights the effectiveness of strategic digital marketing even in a crowded market.

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Fantasy Guru, a premier brand for fantasy sports betting advice, collaborated with Firon to unlock the immense potential of Google Ads. Because of their fantastic LTV we were given authority to aim for a 1x return on their ad spend during their busiest time of the year, fantasy football season.


Even though Fantasy Guru offered a top-tier service, increasing visibility and return amidst high competition, especially during peak times, was a challenge. Complicating matters, there were account restrictions due to policies on non-casino games and gambling. This called for an expert hand to navigate and ensure the best results.


Leveraging Advanced Campaigns: Firon Marketing implemented Performance-Max campaigns to maintain a profitable Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) of around $30. This approach aimed to generate a high volume of clicks while keeping Cost Per Click (CPC) at an affordable level of approximately $1.

Regular Copy & Keyword Refreshes: Recognizing the dynamic nature of online advertising, Firon regularly updated keywords and ad messaging for all active campaigns. This ensured that Fantasy Guru’s campaigns remained fresh, relevant, and engaging to the target audience.

Fresh Creatives: Firon Marketing emphasized the use of detailed and relevant creatives that aligned with the specific product types being promoted. This approach ensured that users saw highly relevant ad images, increasing the likelihood of conversions.


The outcomes of Firon Marketing’s efforts were highly impressive:

  • Fantasy Guru achieved a consistent Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 1.8x, even during the busiest seasons.
  • Campaign spending was scaled up to over $25,000 per month during peak periods, demonstrating the campaign’s ability to handle increased volumes effectively.
  • Google Ads emerged as the channel generating the highest revenue among all of Fantasy Guru’s online paid advertising efforts.
  • Despite initial challenges posed by account restrictions, Firon Marketing’s proactive approach led to successful appeals, ensuring that the campaign’s momentum was never compromised.

This case study showcases how Firon Marketing’s strategic approach, including advanced campaigns, regular updates, and fresh creatives, enabled Fantasy Guru to overcome challenges and achieve outstanding results in a competitive and regulated market. Through effective digital marketing, Fantasy Guru not only maintained profitability but also expanded its reach and revenue during critical seasons.

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