Case Study: Fantasy Guru Social Media

Fantasy Guru's Social Media Pivot with Firon Marketing

Fantasy Guru, a seasoned player in fantasy sports, rejuvenated its brand by partnering with Firon Marketing. Moving beyond traditional advice, they embraced modern trends on Instagram, using viral clips, memes, and timely updates. This dynamic shift led to a surge in engagement, repositioning Fantasy Guru as a digital hotspot for both traditional and modern sports enthusiasts.

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Fantasy Guru, a long-standing presence in fantasy sports, has been assisting individuals in achieving victory in their fantasy sports endeavors since 1995. Their expertise covers a wide range, including seasonal fantasy leagues, daily fantasy, and sports betting. Over the years, they’ve become more than just a source of guidance; they’ve evolved into a comprehensive resource for sports enthusiasts. However, despite their established position, they encountered difficulties in organically expanding their reach and engaging a new audience through social media platforms. This challenge prompted them to work with Firon Marketing to explore alternative strategies on how to revamp overall content strategy to attract new audiences within the sports community.


Firon Marketing orchestrated a comprehensive set of strategic interventions on Fantasy Guru’s Instagram, targeting improved engagement and expanding their online presence within fantasy sports, specifically the NFL community.

New Strategy

Becoming a Content Powerhouse – Recognizing the potential of a dynamic strategy shift, Fantasy Guru goal was to source for both entertainment and education within the football content community. This transformation hinged on leveraging viral sports clips, sports memes, and relevant sports news to engage and educate their audience.


With the aspiration of becoming a leading player in the football content arena, Fantasy Guru employed a strategic framework designed to captivate and educate their audience:

Viral Sports Clips: Integrating captivating sports clips that resonated with football enthusiasts, showcasing remarkable plays, outstanding performances, and unforgettable moments. These clips piqued interest and encouraged sharing.

Sports Memes: Creating witty and relatable sports memes that fostered a sense of community and humor among their audience. These memes became shareable content that enhanced engagement.

Relevant Sports News: Sharing timely and pertinent sports news ensured Fantasy Guru remained at the forefront of sports discussions. This approach positioned them as an authority on the latest happenings.


The strategic shifts implemented by Fantasy Guru brought about remarkable changes in engagement, reach, and following within only 3 month:

Overall Reach Increase: A substantial growth of +2,136% in overall reach marked the strategy’s effectiveness in capturing a significantly larger audience.

Accounts Reached: Fantasy Guru’s content reached a staggering 1.4 million accounts, with a +2,136% increase in reach. This expansion in audience demonstrated the strategy’s ability to attract an extended and engaged follower base.

Engagement Uptick: Account engagement witnessed an astonishing rise of +2,725%, with 139,000 accounts actively engaging. Both followers and non-followers displayed heightened interaction, indicating the strategy’s success.

Impressions Surge: Impressions soared to a substantial 1,614,367, reflecting an impressive +2,227% increase. This surge in impressions showed that their target audience was highly engaged and interested in their new content strategy.

Non Follower Engagement: Non-followers engaging saw a notable rise of 139K which is a +2,770% increase, demonstrating the strategy’s ability to attract new and interested audiences.

Total Followers Boost: Total followers increased Fantasy Guru’s organic following by 13%, reaching a net total of 500 new followers.

Content Value: The content was saved +5,211 times and shared +22,425 times and continues to grow daily, highlighting its strong engagement and significance to the target audience.

Key Takeaways

The Fantasy Guru case study proves the transformative power of a well-crafted strategy. By embracing viral sports content, sports memes, and relevant news, Fantasy Guru transitioned into an engaging and educational force within the football content realm. The substantial growth in reach, engagement, and followers showcases the effectiveness of the new approach. The strategy positioned Fantasy Guru as a top choice for football enthusiasts looking for both entertainment and informative content.

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