Case Study: Gust - SEO

Revitalizing Gust’s Digital Presence: A Strategic SEO Overhaul by Firon Marketing

Gust, in collaboration with Firon Marketing, tackled challenges of illegitimate backlinks and content refinement by overhauling their website and implementing a strategic backlink program. This approach not only involved removing harmful links but also actively acquiring high-quality ones, leading to a significant increase in Gust's Domain Authority (DA), which rose over 7 points to 78 within a year. Additionally, the creation of high-value, schema-enriched content resulted in over 60 SERP features like "People Also Ask" boxes, enhancing Gust's online visibility and solidifying its status as a trusted resource for entrepreneurs.

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Gust, a platform designed to support entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, was experiencing a significant challenge. Despite driving a considerable amount of traffic to their website, conversions were primarily limited to branded keywords. A deeper dive revealed that a large portion of this traffic was stemming from company profile pages created on the Gust platform by external sources. Many of these profiles were not genuine but were instead a means for other websites to secure backlinks. This unintended use of the platform was diluting Gust’s brand and detracting from its primary mission.


  1. Website Overhaul: Recognizing the immediate need to address the influx of illegitimate company profiles, Firon Marketing took swift action. The first step was to remove these profiles, understanding that while the total backlink count would decrease, the quality of the remaining backlinks would significantly improve. To ensure a more controlled and authentic user experience, the website was rebuilt on the WordPress platform.
  2. Content SEO Strategy: With the website’s foundation solidified, the focus shifted to improving Gust’s visibility for non-branded keywords. Firon Marketing developed a “keyword attack list” comprising high-volume keywords relevant to Gust’s offerings. Content was then crafted around these keywords to establish Gust’s authority in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  3. Content Revitalization: In addition to creating new content, Firon Marketing also audited older content pieces. By identifying articles and pages that had the potential to rank higher but weren’t, the team began the process of refining and optimizing this content to better align with current SEO best practices.
  4. Backlink Program: To further bolster Gust’s online authority, a backlink program was initiated. The goal was to secure high domain authority backlinks centered on pivotal keywords and topics relevant to Gust’s services.


The interventions implemented by Firon Marketing have begun to yield promising results:

  1. Improved Backlink Quality: By removing the non-legitimate company profiles, Gust’s backlink profile became cleaner and more aligned with its brand. This action, while reducing the number of backlinks, enhanced the overall quality, making the website more appealing to search engines.
  2. Increased Keyword Rankings: With the targeted content strategy in place, Gust started to see a rise in rankings for its most crucial non-branded keywords. This shift meant that the platform was becoming more visible to its intended audience.
  3. Enhanced Traffic Quality: As a direct result of the improved keyword rankings and the backlink program, there was a noticeable increase in traffic from users genuinely interested in Gust’s services. This change not only boosted the platform’s credibility but also its conversion rates, ensuring that Gust was reaching and engaging its target audience more effectively.

In conclusion, Firon Marketing’s holistic approach to addressing Gust’s challenges has not only set the platform on a path of sustained online growth and relevance but has also led to a 2x growth in overall traffic for high converting keywords. Through strategic interventions, Gust is now better positioned to serve its community of entrepreneurs and continue its mission of supporting them throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

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