CASE STUDY: Baloo - Email Marketing

Boosting Engagement: Firon Marketing’s Campaign for DrinkBaloo

DrinkBaloo partnered with Firon Marketing for impactful email campaigns. Through tailored designs, catchy subject lines, and the "Baloo’s Monthly Mood-Boost" newsletter, they achieved email engagement surpassing industry averages, reinforcing their commitment to promoting mental well-being.

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DrinkBaloo is a mood-boosting sparkling water brand that was founded in 2022. The company’s mission is to help people choose happiness everyday and bring attention to the importance of mental health. DrinkBaloo’s products are made with mood-boosting functional ingredients, including nootropics, adaptogens and vitamins.

Firon Marketing was tasked to create, execute, and optimize all standard email campaigns and automations to engage customers and drive sales on Baloo’s online store.


Firon Marketing implemented a number of solutions to ensure the quality of DrinkBaloo’s email campaigns, including:

On-Brand Design: The emails were designed to be consistent with DrinkBaloo’s brand identity. This included using the company’s colors, fonts, and imagery.

Visual Hierarchy: The emails were carefully organized to make it easy for readers to scan and understand the content. This included using clear headings, subheadings, and bullet points.

Strong Subject Lines: The subject lines of the emails were carefully crafted to be clear, concise, and attention-grabbing. Emojis were also used to add a touch of personality and interest.

  • Health & Wellness Father’s Day Gift Guide
  • 5 Lessons Learned From Buddy the Elf ?
  • Be Our Valentine (with free shipping)?

Excluded Unengaged Contacts: This helped to ensure that the emails were only being sent to people who were actually interested in receiving them.

Call to Action: Each email featured a button with a link to purchase Baloo directly from the Baloo website, oftentimes with a discount.

Newsletter “Baloo’s Monthly Mood-Boost”: Baloo offers a curated collection of articles focused on mental health that not only entertain, but also educate, guiding their email audience towards a happier and healthier self. Baloo gives access to happiness-seeking podcasts that provide strategies for mood improvement. Newsletter subscribers receive a range of valuable content including information about products, classes, and services designed to enhance both mental and physical well-being. With Baloo’s “Monthly Mood-Boost” newsletter, Baloo aims to create a community and further emphasize their commitment to destigmatizing mental health.

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The results of Firon Marketing’s email marketing campaign were positive. In the last 3 months, DrinkBaloo’s email campaigns have averaged an open rate of 56.2% and a click-through rate of 1.72%. These results are higher than the industry average for Food and Beverage (Open: 40.80%, Click: 1.54%)

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