Case Study: Local SEO

Local SEO Mastery: Elevating Profile Plan's Digital Presence with Firon Marketing

Profile Plan, despite its reputable weight loss solutions, faced challenges in penetrating the local market effectively. Firon Marketing intervened with a robust local SEO strategy, focusing on Google My Business (GMB) optimization, strategic keyword incorporation, and website adjustments. The outcome? A 30% jump in GMB views, 20% rise in customer engagement, and a substantial revenue increase—all in six months. Through Firon's expertise, Profile Plan not only enhanced its digital visibility but also cemented its status as a local weight loss leader.

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Profile Plan, a leading weight loss company, offers tailored weight loss solutions that cater to individual needs. Historically, the company experienced a surge in website traffic right after New Year’s, attributed to the influx of individuals seeking to fulfill their weight loss resolutions. However, this spike was consistently followed by a steady decline throughout the year, only to pick up again the subsequent New Year.

Firon Marketing recognized the potential to not only maintain but also increase the traffic post-February. The challenge was to identify and implement strategies that would ensure a consistent flow of visitors, thereby increasing potential conversions.


Keyword Attack List:

  • Firon Marketing meticulously crafted a ‘keyword attack list’. This list comprised keywords with high search volume that were already indexed and had a high conversion potential based on user intent.
  • The focus was on keywords that were not in high-clicking positions, thus offering an opportunity to capture untapped traffic.

On-Page SEO Optimization:

  • Meta Titles and Descriptions: Updated meta titles and descriptions to be more relevant and engaging, ensuring they resonate with the targeted keywords.
  • Content Revamp: Introduced new content pieces and updated existing ones to be more aligned with the keyword strategy.
  • Internal Linking: Improved the internal linking structure, ensuring that the website’s pages were interlinked in a manner that enhanced user experience and spread page authority.

Backlink Outreach Plan:

  • Recognizing the power of backlinks in boosting domain authority and improving search rankings, a comprehensive backlink outreach plan was put into action. This involved reaching out to authoritative websites in the weight loss and health niche for quality backlinks.

Local SEO Strategy:

  • Apart from the global SEO efforts, a separate local SEO strategy was devised. This was crucial for attracting local clientele to Profile Plan’s physical locations and services.


Within a span of just six months, the interventions bore fruit:

  1. Stabilized Traffic: The historical decline in traffic post-February was not only halted but reversed. Profile Plan’s website began witnessing an uptick in visitor numbers.
  2. Improved Keyword Rankings: Keywords from the attack list started moving up the search engine rankings. More importantly, they began receiving clicks, indicating improved visibility and relevance.

In conclusion, Firon Marketing’s strategic interventions transformed Profile Plan’s web traffic narrative. Instead of the usual decline, the company now enjoys sustained and growing traffic. We’re currently witnessing a growth of about 5% from last year, but this is just the beginning, and we expect that number to rise. This ensures that Profile Plan remains at the forefront of the weight loss industry throughout the year.

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