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Profile Plan, a weight loss and nutrition service, engaged Firon Marketing to refine their email campaigns. By focusing on targeted contact lists, enhanced templates, and tested subject lines, they've seen a promising 4.83% boost in open rates and a 0.3% uptick in click-throughs, demonstrating a positive trajectory in their email marketing journey.

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Profile Plan is a weight loss and nutrition program that helps people lose weight and keep it off. The company uses a variety of marketing channels to reach potential customers.

Firon Marketing was tasked with email building and automation optimization on all standard email campaigns and automations to improve its campaign engagement.


  • Excluded unengaged contacts. This helped to ensure that the emails were only being sent to people who were actually interested in receiving them.
  • Updated existing template using a simple and scannable email layout with emphasis on readability—and accessibility by ensuring majority of the content is live text.
    • Run render tests to ensure its responsiveness on different devices.
  • Test different subject lines to see what gets the most opens. This will help to ensure that emails are seen by the target audience.
    • {{ contact.firstname }}, Let’s Get Started On Your Weight Loss Journey
    • Schedule Your Consultation Now [Scheduling Link Inside]
    • Healthy Recipe Roundup: Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have to Be Boring!
    • Stay on Top of Your Weight Loss Goals This Back to School Season!
    • What You Might Have Missed on Social!

ESP Used

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This is an on-going optimization with week over week improvements in engagement, but overall email health still needs improvement.
Increased Engagement: Open rate saw a significant improvement of 4.83%, while click-through rate rose by 0.3%, indicating more effective email content and targeting strategies.


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