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Revitalizing Gust's Email Campaign: A Firon Marketing Triumph

Gust, a colossal platform connecting entrepreneurs and investors worldwide, aspired to supercharge their newsletter campaign's engagement. Enter Firon Marketing. With a redesigned, reader-friendly layout, captivating visuals, and a razor-sharp focus on genuine engagement, they reinvented Gust's newsletters using Hubspot as their trusted tool. The upshot? A soaring open rate jump from 33.82% to 53.1%, and an uptick in clicks. This collaboration underscores the power of aptly targeted and artfully designed email marketing in achieving heightened engagement.

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Gust is a global SaaS platform for entrepreneurs to found, manage, and fund new ventures. It is the world’s largest community of entrepreneurs and early-stage investors from 191 countries. Gust’s online tools help entrepreneurs start, run, and fundraise for companies and provide deal flow and relationship management for investors. Firon Marketing was tasked to handle the newsletter campaign and improve their previous campaign’s engagement rate.


Firon Marketing implemented the following solutions to improve the engagement rate of Gust’s newsletter campaign:

  1. Created a simple and scannable layout with better hierarchy. This made it easier for readers to quickly scan the email and find the content that was most relevant to them.
  2. Introduced more imagery on the content. This made the emails more visually appealing and helped to break up the text, making it easier to read.
  3. Excluded unengaged contacts. This helped to ensure that the emails were only being sent to people who were actually interested in receiving them.

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The results of these changes were significant. The open rate of Gust’s newsletter campaign increased from an average of 33.82% to 53.1%, and the click rate increased from 1.54% to 1.65%.

The results demonstrate that simple changes to the design and targeting of an email marketing campaign can have a significant impact on engagement rate.

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