Case Study: Effective Search Advertising for Profile Plan

Revitalizing Search Ads: Profile Plan's Success with Firon Marketing

Facing a 25% rise in CAC from underperforming Non-Brand campaigns, Profile Plan collaborated with Firon Marketing. Strategic keyword refinement and ad tweaks led to a 37% jump in appointments, 36% more closed deals, and a 43% CAC reduction. This highlights the power of targeted digital strategies in boosting conversions and streamlining costs.

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Profile Plan, a prominent weight loss and nutrition program provider based in the United States, collaborated with Firon Marketing to address the growing concern of their escalating Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) through Google Ads campaigns. With a keen interest in enhancing their Non-Brand campaign performance, Profile Plan sought to reverse the recent 25% increase in CAC observed over the last three months (May 2023 to July 2023).


Despite their successful brand campaign driving closed deals, Profile Plan encountered a challenge wherein the Non-Brand campaigns struggled to contribute meaningfully to conversions. The CAC surge was largely attributed to the Non-Brand campaigns’ underperformance. This disparity in campaign effectiveness prompted the need for a strategic intervention to harmonize Non-Brand efforts with the brand campaign and bring down the overall CAC.


Our agency meticulously crafted a solution to revamp Profile Plan’s Non-Brand search campaigns and bring them in alignment with their goals. The strategy included two main components:

Keyword Refinement: We conducted a thorough analysis to identify and narrow down keywords that were exceptionally relevant to Profile Plan’s offerings. By focusing on highly relevant keywords, we aimed to capture a more qualified audience and increase the likelihood of conversions.

Ad Optimization: Leveraging responsive search ad best practices, we developed compelling ad creatives with a strong emphasis on Profile Plan’s unique value proposition and success stories. Our aim was to resonate with the target audience, instill confidence, and drive higher engagement rates.

Additionally, we proposed launching a new promotional offer using the Performance Max campaign, capitalizing on its broad reach across Google’s ad placements and harnessing its machine learning capabilities to maximize campaign performance.


Upon implementing the proposed strategy in August, the results were nothing short of impressive:

Increased Appointments and Closed Deals: The number of scheduled appointments experienced a substantial 37% surge, rising from 79 to 109. Similarly, closed deals saw a remarkable 36% increase, climbing from 22 to 30. This demonstrated the strategy’s efficacy in driving conversions.

Improved Lead Quality: The implementation of refined keywords and optimized ad creatives positively impacted lead quality. This improvement was evidenced by the dramatic increase in appointment rates, surging from a mere 1.81% to a robust 15.66%.

Reduced Customer Acquisition Cost: The most compelling outcome was the reduction in CAC. Through our strategic initiatives, we managed to slash the CAC by $196.87. This achievement brought the overall CAC down to an impressive $233.8, marking a substantial 43% decrease compared to the previous three months.


Profile Plan’s collaboration with Firon Marketing showcased the power of strategic thinking and targeted optimization in digital marketing campaigns. By addressing the Non-Brand campaign’s challenges and aligning them with the successful brand campaign, we were able to achieve outstanding results. The case study underlines the importance of tailored strategies, responsive ad creatives, and leveraging cutting-edge campaign types like Performance Max to deliver remarkable performance improvements, validate lead quality enhancement, and substantially reduce acquisition costs.

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